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Go Racin” Go!

NASCAR fans online after Tennessee teenager received first Dale Jr. 002 seconds to take the go Racin’ Go! for the Cup Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, who was recently voted No. Plus, three takeaways on how the race affects the sport’s big picture. Will Charlotte Hornets go international with San Antonio Spurs assistant? Can NC State and other NCAA schools really be victims in the FBI’s adidas fraud cases? Young pitcher is living up to preseason hype. But here’s what’s the Knights need now.

Cole Swindell: “I screamed a couple times, I think. Gallery: NASCAR at Charlotte Motor Speedway 05. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. There have been several questions about how start times work.

If you go to Results, click on the 2018 tab, choose your race, you will see the starting times of all the rows. This will not show on your smartphones or tablets but on your computer. We try for 30 seconds between each row start. I hate to mention this again as I feel like I am becoming a donkey, however, we need to be considerate of our neighbors when we are at the races. We also need to be considerate of the property that we are allowed to use.

Doing doughnuts and slinging gravel is not cool, being loud late at night is not cool, drinking excessively and becoming intoxicated is not cool. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time, but have good manners at the same time. Our next race is at the new track in Union SC. This is close to Big Buck where GNCC races so the terrain will be very similar. There are approximately 4 miles of road beds on the property due to the landowner’s family riding on the property.

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