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Into Business – Various – The Harder They Come

Please forward this error screen to 75. Note : The contents were into Business – Various – The Harder They Come researched and written for cat owners in Britain.

At the request of readers, I have extended it to take into account some of the terminology and practices in the US. However, styles of cat ownership vary according to your country of residence. It should be borne in mind that sections relating to the older cat outdoors may be inapplicable in those areas where cats are kept as indoor pets. WHEN IS MY CAT CLASSED AS OLDER? Just as people are living longer than they did in the past, cats are living longer too. The percentage of cats over 6 years old has almost doubled in the last 10 years and the aged cat population is growing.

Within the past 5-10 years, veterinary medicine has seen some significant improvements in treatments for the ailments commonly faced by ageing cats. Like people, cats do not live forever. These are all signs of “winding down”. Older cats exercise less and sleep more, they groom less thoroughly and less often.

The early stages of this decline are so gradual that owners may not notice it. Recognising subtle signs early on can slow the rate of decline, but at the end of the day, ageing and death are natural processes and unlike humans, cats do not seem to fear the end. The average cat life-span is 12-14 or 14-16 years depending on which studies you read. Pet food manufacturers recommend senior formulation foods for cats over the age of 8 and many vets consider the cat geriatric when it reaches 10 years old.

Generally, once your cat is over 12 years old, it is an ‘older cat’ and its needs and habits change. Popular belief has it that one year of a cat’s life is equivalent to 7 human years. Kittens are becoming less dependent on the mother. Under natural conditions, the kitten is fully independent of the mother. Sexual maturity, most females now fertile and able to have young although they may not be fully-grown. Middle age spread, menopause for some women.

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