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The Only One I Know – The Charlatans UK* – Some Friendly

Please forward this error screen to 195. Worried about viruses on your Android the Only One I Know – The Charlatans UK* – Some Friendly after the recent spate of attacks on the popular handsets? It turns out the WORST thing you can do is try to protect yourself – as many of the anti-virus apps on offer are from ‘charlatans and scammers’, Google says.

In the past four months, malicious software attacks on Google Android phones have risen by 472 per cent. The attacks usually take the form of ‘rogue’ apps which ‘suck’ data out of your phone – sending information such as emails to potential attackers. Others secretly send SMS text messages to premium numbers, ‘stealing’ money by adding covertly to your bill. Google Android phones are particularly vulnerable, because – unlike Apple – Google does not vet apps in its Market, and anyone can add and sell anything. Rogue app developers often bolster their apps with fake reviews so Market browsers think that the infected apps are popular and safe. They are charlatans, playing on fears to sell you rubbish.

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