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Enjoy The Silence 04 – Depeche Mode – The Best Of Videos

Das Lied vom einsamen Mädchen von Martin L. Was ist kein Song von Rihanna? Soothe My Soul”: Depeche Mode mit Musikvideo enjoy The Silence 04 – Depeche Mode – The Best Of Videos Single!

Soothe My Soul”: Die neue Single von Depeche Mode! Heaven”: Die neue Single von Depeche Mode jetzt online! Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen. Well to some extent we can lift the veil. Transmission 242 will present to you, music lovers, the personalised 242 headphones Crossfade M-100 AIRA and LP-2.

For those who weren’t able to attend the shows in Brussels, the headphones are available via mail order. AND FIRST FRONT 242 GIGS OF 2017 CONFIRMED! KulturA present to you UNDERVIEWER LIVE. Event with Artists, Staff and Family Discussing the History of the Chicago Store, Label, and Music Presented in the Upcoming Wax Trax! Front 242 and Transmission 242 wish you lots of happiness in 2017.

May the 242 force remain strong. Back then, although machines had their technical limitations and heavy constraints, the duo definitely enjoyed the total freedom of tone and inspiration. From destructured experimental tracks to more melodic and structured songs, UNDERVIEWER focused their creative approach on minimalistic arrangements. Recently, UNDERVIEWER recovered a dozen of tracks from their early 4-track tape recordings and decided to finally release the very first UNDERVIEWER album. Some of the tracks were meticulously recreated reusing the same vintage machines.

MONSTERS brilliantly renders the force and the timeless and melodic duality of a music which fits everywhere and at any time. The poisonous charm and poppy catchiness of the fourteen songs are to be discovered on CD as from December 16. 2016 and on vinyl as from January 27. Besides solid remakes by other pure EBM bands like ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, ELM, KANT KINO or yet AD:KEY, the double CD also features the harsher dark elektro bands such as ALIEN VAMPIRES, CIRCUITO CERRADO vs.

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