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City Of Angels

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718046. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to city Of Angels sure you’re not a robot. City of Angels is comprised of five individual veterinary specialty practices at one location.

We work with local veterinarians and pet owners to assist on emergency, critical and complex cases with the utmost care. 2017-2018 City of Angels Veterinary Specialty Center. The production was revamped and embarked on a national tour, with Barry Williams, in the role of Stone. Jordan Leeds was chosen from the tour’s ensemble to play Stine, and Betsy Joslyn played the two secretaries. West End The musical opened in the West End at the Prince of Wales Theatre in March 1993. The first West End revival was staged at the Donmar Warehouse, opening officially on December 16, 2014, running until February 2015. Other Productions The theatre company Reprise!

February 2006 at Freud Playhouse, UCLA, Los Angeles. The setting is Hollywood in the late 1940s, with two stories occurring simultaneously: a Hollywood comedy and a detective drama. The real-life scenes feature full-color sets and costumes, while the movie scenes are in black-and-white. Stone, a tough Los Angeles private eye, lies on a hospital gurney with a bullet in his shoulder and a lot on his mind. He flashes back to a week earlier, when his loyal Girl Friday secretary, Oolie, ushered in a rich, beautiful woman named Alaura.

Alaura claims she wants Stone to find her missing stepdaughter, Mallory Kingsley, a beautiful “bad” girl. Against his better judgment, he takes the case. A man at a typewriter appears onstage, and Stone and Alaura suddenly back up, “rewind,” and play the scene with a few changes. The man at the typewriter is Stine, author of the popular detective novel City of Angels, which he is adapting into a screenplay at the behest of Hollywood producer-director Buddy Fidler. His wife Gabby has misgivings and wishes that he would stick to novels, but for now, Stine is enjoying the ride. Stone, alone in his dreary bungalow, is listening to the radio: Jimmy Powers and the Angel City 4 are singing “You Gotta Look Out For Yourself. Two thugs break down his door, beat him up, and knock him out.

Stone is rudely awakened by Lieutenant Munoz, who was Stone’s partner on the force but now bears him a major grudge. Munoz has never forgiven Stone for “getting away with murder. Stone, angry after the beating, confronts Alaura at her mansion and meets several more unsavory characters, including her lustful stepson, her polio-stricken elderly husband, and his quack doctor. A photographer breaks into Stone’s bungalow and snaps a picture of him with Mallory. She runs off with his gun, which is subsequently used to murder the quack doctor. Stine is having a lousy time of it too.

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