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Brighton Rock – Queen – A Night At The Odeon

This section describes the important Queen-related places in London that are worth visiting. It is based on a similar section from the ‘Queen Heaven’ web site but this is of course an improved version compiled by myself. I found them on the Internet. Visiting brighton Rock – Queen – A Night At The Odeon these places shouldn’t take more than two days maximum.

Used to be called Hammersmith Odeon, then Hammersmith Apollo, Labbats Apollo, London Apollo and now it’s Carling Apollo. It’s a very famous London live venue, Queen have played several concerts here incl. Xmas concerts in 1975 and 1979. Brian and Chrissie married here on May 29th 1976. Brian claims he doesn’t remember it properly so maybe it was in Holy Triniti which is opposite. Get off the tube at Hammersmith.

Follow the signs for the bus station, that is very near the tube station. You will pass on Hammersmith Bridge. While descending along Castelnau, look at your right and you will see St Osmund Church. Queen have recorded part of A Night At The Opera The Miracle here. Also Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven was done here. Directions as above – after you pass St Osmund Church, the bus 209 will turn right and will follow Church Road. Just after the junction keep looking at your right and you will see the Olympic Studios.

Nowadays he has a house in Surrey and a flat somewhere on Holland Road. Freddie was cremated here on 27th November 1991. Get off the tube at Wembley Park. Follow Olympic Way, that is a long large avenue closed to traffic and leading straight to Wembley Stadium. Not to be confused with De Lane Lea Studios! 1972 DLL Music Centre was sold to CBS and kept the name ‘Music Centre’.

Keep following Olympic Way till the junction with Engineers Way. Turn right and you can see the studios. Update: from what I heard, the De Lane Lea studios are gone, they have been flattened. When Queen played here for the first time in May 1978, it was called Empire Pool. When Queen came back in 1980, it was already Wembley Arena. Do not confuse with the Wembley stadium!

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