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Mama – Various – Live! At Knebworth Vol. 3

The show was cancelled because of New Year’s Eve break. Billed as Led Zeppelin featuring: Jimmy Mama – Various – Live! At Knebworth Vol. 3 formerly of The Yardbirds. With Alice Cooper as opening act but on the equival rights. Reported that due to Jimmy Page’s illness the band eliminated their 2nd set from this show.

The show is supposed to be allegedly cancelled due Jimmy Page’s illness. With Alice Cooper as opening act on the equival rights. Fresh Garbage, Summertime Blues, Bag’s Groove, Mockingbird. Source: Incomplete very good audience recording.

Details: A really good sounding audience tape, probably made in-house from the stage. Jimmy’s guitar and Bonzo’s loud drum tends to overshadow Robert’s voice and Johnsey’s bass but all the sounds are clearly discernible. Comments: We can certainly feel that the performance of the band captured by the tape is one of its earliest, since most of the tunes are played in more compact manner than they became in later stages. Here, improvisations are confined to minimum levels.

However, the brutality of Bonzo’s drum playing and the wide range of Robert’s voice is incredible. Bill Graham intoduced all the acts. There are possibilities that this show might be recorded professionally as straight soundboard by Bill Graham crew and still lying in the archives. Recording Includes: The Train Kept A Rollin’.

Details: A bit overloaded tape with Page and Bonham out front and Plant in the back. Comments: A single song said to be from the band’s San Francisco debut at the Fillmore West. The band played these shows with second billing underneath headliners Country Joe And The Fish. The opening act for these shows was Taj Mahal.

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